Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Snippets...(rants on Leftdom)

The difference between socialism and communism is that communism merely makes socialism mandatory.

I'd like to coin a new term: Pruppies (progressive yuppies).

Even in the most socialist of countries, the left can always be found clambering for more state intervention onto personal lives and punitive action against success and achievement. With that in mind, it can be accurately said that a communist is simply a socialist who has finally got everything they wanted - a totalitarian state completely under the control of their ideology.

Among the supreme hypocrisies of leftism is a feigned concern for society while simultaneously holding in contempt those who contribute the most to society through invention, production, and even simple payment of taxes. At the same time, those who produce or contribute nothing are held to be everyone else's sole purpose for existence. Self- important critics, leeches, and failures are the gods of their scheme while the literal creators of our rise from the swamps are seen as demons. This is not an oversight or mere misjudgment, but a deliberate destructive alliance with uselessness at war with purpose.

It's beyond ironic that those who speak so passionately of “the multicultural perspective,” relativism, and “honoring our differences” are so completely unable to tolerate or acknowledge the validity of the subcultures within America that are not distinctly intellectual, irreligious, or “progressive.” The entire multicultural relativistic “progressive” ('should always be in quotes) value system is completely bogus and strives for little more than a garden variety “will to power” and childish degrading of all who dare question their insincere motives.

In the phrase, “I am my brother's keeper,” it's interesting and revealing that those who now say this don't instead say something more sincere like, “I am willing to offer personal assistance to my brother and sisters.” “Progressive” thought is more commonly about keeping people in line, not assisting anyone in need.

When a “progressive” uses old sayings that used to mean something genuinely and personally altruistic it's important to realize what they now mean: “I am [want to be] my brother's [zoo] keeper.”

In regard to the left's attempts to paint caricatures of conservatism that are typically ridiculously excessive: Even a straw man should at least look like a real one.

You can be certain you're dealing with a genuine " progressive." when you mention little kids being fined by heavy handed police for having an unauthorized lemonade stand and the "Progressive's" response is a tepid defense of the " need" to ensure public lemonade safety.

Give a bureaucrat a clipboard and they think they own the world.

As long as human beings are material (made from matter), we will “objectify” each other to varying degrees in some way.

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